Why Choose Us?

  • We understand the abuses many of you have experienced when going through an immigration process.
  • It is for this reason, we strive to treat each of our clients with respect, understanding, and care.
  • We offer each of our clients complete honesty and hard work.
  • We make sure you understand and know the immigration process and each step we are taking on your case. A well-informed client is a happy client.

Sandra Prieto Ortega

Attorney Sandra Prieto Ortega was born in EL Paso, Texas and was raised in Juarez, Mexico. Because of her passion to help others, she decided to become an immigration attorney. In 2004 she obtained her law degree and immediately started her immigration practice.

Her immigration experience started when she became an intern with Las Americas, a non-profit organization that specializes in asylum cases. At the same time, she offered her time to help those immigrants who were detained, by informing them of their rights and the venues they had to adjust their status in this country. She also worked for the Law Offices of Felipe D.J. Millan, where she obtained great experience. She worked for the El Paso Public Defender Office as a criminal trial attorney. The combination of her immigration and criminal knowledge have brought her invaluable experience and has helped her to better serve those clients who have criminal record.

Attorney Sandra Prieto Ortega has distinguished herself from all other attorneys in her honesty to her clients. She will never take a case knowing there is nothing that can be done.

Your consultation will always be directly with the attorney.